Imagine & Sonic Wind LSRV

Waldo Says: February 2009 Update


        With a lot of perseverance many things have been falling into place this month. First off I think it is time we really ramped up the promotion of our own project. In the past I have helped many of the other LSR teams work towards their goals while using our website to educate only. I have done all I can now and the rest is in their hands. I supplied or made available things they all needed so that they could get their projects off the ground. It is now time to shift gears and focus on ourselves in order to be in the right place at the right time in history.

     As I have said in the past my goal was to have a half dozen unlimited LSR vehicles either under construction or looking for funding. The purpose of this was to keep the LSR in the public eye in order to generate an interest in this obscure speed cult of ours. There are now many teams building or trying to campaign their vehicles around the world. So now that it is happening, we can be a bit more self focused.

    I want all the other teams and vehicles to have their time in the sun because once we get Imagine LSRV on her wheels she will be unbeatable, at least from what I see being built out there. Most of the vehicles currently under construction have an 800 to 1,100 MPH top speed. Imagine LSRV will have a speed potential that is much greater.

     I have also entertained the fantasy of setting up 500 MPH drag races at Ivanpah dry lake on the California/ Nevada border about 40 miles outside of Las Vegas Nevada. The potential for generating cash to develop future vehicles is virtually unlimited with projects like that. The money we may make from these future ventures will be rolled back into my future vehicles as you all know what my real obsession is.


     I have commissioned our exceptionally talented webmaster Ed Torsello to rebuild and modernize our Sonic Wind website. Under the direction of my son Tone Stakes who is a marketer by trade we are taking a new tack in our marketing. We are moving into the 21st Century with a revamped Imagine LSRV design as promised and a dynamic new modern website.

     I have started a new company called Land Speed Research Vehicles LLC or LSRV LLC. Its mission statement and main goal is to “Design, construct and campaign the most advanced, powerful and fastest, piloted ground vehicles ever conceived by man.” Sounds a little pretentious I know. But to quote a famous blues musician…”It ain’t bragging if it’s true.”

     So look forward in the coming months to seeing a whole new website very unlike what we have been putting up before. Also look forward to the next and last design of Imagine LSRV. As I have said in the past the main goal of my website was to educate and inspire future LSR contenders. This I have done. I recently received an email which with one sentence expressed all I have ever wanted to do. It said “Aspire to Inspire before you Expire.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      Nowadays I am on a serious hunt for help and finances. By luck we just picked up Norton Sales Inc. as a sponsor for rocket components we may need. The owner of Norton Sales Inc. is Carlos Guzman. Ken Mason and I have known Carlos and the previous owners of Norton Sales Inc. for many years and have done business with them as long as I can remember. I took Carlos to lunch the other day and laid out the dynamics of our new Imagine LSRV vehicle. He was very impressed with how well thought out it was and said that he would help us with components sponsorship for the vehicle. Welcome aboard Carlos and Norton Sales Inc. Here is a photo of Carlos and another one of the both of us.

     I have told you all about Norton Sales Inc. in the past but just for clarity let’s review. Norton Sales Inc. is simply the best place to buy liquid rocket hardware and supplies in the world, period! They even have their own rocket engine museum that rivals most others anywhere in the world. Call Carlos Guzman for all your rocketry, Pneumatic and hydraulic needs. Whatever you need he probably has it and he will beat anyone’s prices. Go to his website at and tell him Waldo sent you.

     Awhile back I was talking to a guy I met when I was hanging out with Ky Michaelson and Captain Ed Ballinger. He told me something that hit me like a right cross from Mr. T. Now you all know that I am on a life long quest to be a better man and a better human being. So when someone says something profound that affects a change in me and makes the world a better place, I pass it on.  What he said was… “When I meet people, I always put them up on a pedestal…How far down they fall from there is totally up to them”. I have made this my new view on new people and mankind in general. It has changed the very way I think of new people and has had a profound positive influence on me. My personal quest never ends….

     In the last month we have had unusually cold weather here in California. So cold in fact that my salt water swimming pool (this is newer technology and much better than a chlorinated pool) froze over solid to a depth of about an inch. Denise’s first thought was to wonder if the pool tiles would crack from the ice pressure. My first thought was “let’s play” and I had Denise take my Sonic Wind Ice racer scale model and slide it across the pool on the ice. It went as straight as a dart and imbedded its pitot tube into the grout in the opposite side of the pool. Here are a couple of photos of that silliness with and without the pitot tube. I really have got to talk to Al Gore about his whole Global warming theory. I think there is a good chance he may be a little off on that one.

     If you haven’t seen it yet, Rosco McGlashen has a cyber model of the new car he is building posted on his website. The Aussie Invader 5 or AI5 is a beauty and his best design yet. He went back to his Aussie Invader color of blue and I can’t wait to see the completed vehicle. Check it out at

     I have been reading “The Black Swan-The Impact of the highly improbable” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. The book talks about chance, major dramatic changes in our realities which are always occurring yet we tend to underplay their significance.  It seems we tend to want to believe (maybe as a source of comfort) that we are really more influenced by small consistent changes which affect our reality. When actually we are constantly being bombarded by major drastic changes such as the attack on September 11, 2001, I never call that attack “911” because that term as well as the date and the coincidental significance of the emergency number 911 seems too much like a marketing company put it all together. That then has me asking questions and makes me confused and angry so I don’t insult another one’s intelligence with the whole propaganda term “911“. It is a poignant book defining a whole new way of thinking for me. Dan Moser CEO of our sponsor Compositex recommended it to me. Thanks Dan…

     I also just finished reading the new book “Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion” written by Phd. Paul A. LaViolette. Remember I told you that MOST flying saucers and UFOs were actually military aircraft using electromagneto , electrogravitics or focused microwave propulsion? I have read over thirty books and countless articles that trickle this simple yet exotic propulsion technology. Each would crack the door into this black world of advanced military propulsion but leave you with more questions than answers on the subject. I know the development of this technology is just as real as the rocket engine because it has a well documented history. Just as the jet engine, transistor, velcro and computer chip does. 

     I believe that our military should have its secrets and I support that 100%. Many of my friends are involved in Darpa projects and I ask no questions. But I believe it is time to change the world and share the technological wealth. I could be wrong but I think the rich oil Barons such as our last president has fleeced us long enough. What say you? I think by now we realize that the cost of gasoline is not really regulated by cost of barrel oil prices but is generally just pulled out of their corporate asses.

      I have seen landing spots left by these so called “alien” craft along the 395 hwy 12 miles south of Kramer junction. They are perfect 100 foot diameter circles where nothing grows after years of their touch down. A dark side to their propulsion systems is the fact that they microwave the soil and kill its ability to sustain plant life. One of the dozens of landing spots in that area has a 9 foot diameter pedestal impression in its center. The dried soil in the pedestal impression was so compressed by the vehicles weight that the soil had been crushed into dust as fine as sifted flour. So these craft may have the actual weight of a small naval vessel.

     My theory…A small nuclear fission reactor (submarine sized…enter the NAVY) supplying heat to a thermionic generator which converts it into electricity of high voltage and low amperage. Coincidently, all of these landing sites are right next to four sets of high tension power lines which supply all the cities in the Californian Inland Empire with electricity. Obviously these craft needed a fill up maybe because of a power plant malfunction. I would have loved to see the faces of the technicians monitoring the grid when these babies tapped into it.

     These sites are located on the eastern edge of the Edwards Air Force Base so if these craft were actually alien they would have been swarmed with fighters from the base. If that were the case the saucers would still be there-in pieces! No Kiddies, these mysterious machines are ours. Here are a couple of shots of the landing site with the pedestal impression.

      I have told you this now because I believe the door is now open with Dr. LaViolete’s new book. Dr. LaViollette not only opens the door to prove these theories with all the math included. He kicks it wide open and tosses in a concussion grenade to expose these black programs, projects and the craft that have been built. Want to see the future of manned travel and spaceflight, envision a world living like the Jetsons? BUY THIS BOOK! You can get it on for as little as $8.00 plus shipping. That is what I paid for it even though it retails for $25.00.

     The reason for the low price on this book is that most new age saucer chasers would rather believe that flying saucers are manned by benevolent space brothers who have come to Earth to save mankind from himself and not top notch military pilots or engineers. Don’t think there are a lot of nuts like this out there? Here are a couple of photos of a group of Raeltans (an honest to God real group) working the streets of the recent Doo Dah parade in Pasadena California trying to recruit new members. I think the chick in the belly shirt might help bring in the guys that can‘t get a date. Think you want to join up with them? Check out their website, the address is right there in big letters on the underside of their saucer!

     Lastly I want to say we will still have all the tribute pages to the great guys in LSR on the new website only they will be in a slightly different format. I will always pay tribute to the LSR guys who came before me because they taught me everything they knew. To quote a famous scientist who lived from 1643 to 1727 a Sir Isaac Newton. You remember him? He came up with a few neat ideas like “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” which is the basic theory behind the rocket and the math for a novel concept we call “gravity.”

      Anyway, what he said that was so poignant to me was “If I have seen further, it is because I am standing on the shoulders of giants“ ….Waldo