Sonic Wind & Constitution LSRV

Waldo Says: June 2007 Update

     I heard from Kenny Lyons recently, Kenny and I worked together on a motorcycle streamliner about 15 years ago. Kenny told me that Cooper tires had bought the Mickey Thompson tire company which was the only company making high speed LSR tires. Kenny says the tires are good for 450 m.p.h. and they are making 3 different sizes. He also said that no one has made such a good high speed tire in about 20 years. You can reach Cooper tires online but the order deadline may well be over. When you can find Cooper tires on the net look into their land speed tire products.


     I was thinking about the state of the union address given by George W. Bush three years ago and remembered that he said we were on the verge of a great energy break through that was going to change the way we used power. After three years of waiting I guess that breakthrough was $5.00 per gallon gasoline. Boy are we lucky or what?


     There was a time I was really into political things, but after 12 years of handing out fliers and holding meetings with people too afraid to say anything I was done. Hearing Rosie O=Donnell claim the U.S. has killed 655,000 Iraqi people broke my heart. I have just about had an ass full of this crap and the jerks that run our government. It looks to me that the 2008 election will change power just before the American people flip out. Then you will get 8 more years of new bullsBt form a whole new group of bullsBters.


     You guys know that I have a slightly above average intellect as is indicated by my design, concepts and the things I share with you. That said I want to give you my opinion about what the U.S. is doing invading Afghanistan, Iraq and soon to be invaded Iran and Syria. No one is looking for Osama Bin Laden in fact the propagandists (radio and TV Anews people@) haven=t even mentioned Bin Laden=s name for a few years now. Why would they because if they found Bin Laden the game would be over wouldn=t it?      The reason for war has been modified from hunting Bin Laden and Al Queda to freeing the Afghan women from the Taliban (Even though the U.S. put the Taliban in power over 20 years ago) to liberating the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein=s terrorism and now we are going to march into Iran to save the world from Iran=s nuclear terrorism. Even though in all of history the U.S. is the only country to ever use nuclear weapons against anyone.


      The U.S. gets most of it=s oil from South America (91%) with less than 7 percent coming from the middle east. So why is that region so important to the rich oil barrens in the U.S.? The answer is because China gets most of it=s oil from the middle east. If the U.S. installs democratic governments (the smart people know them as Puppet regimes) in these nations the U.S. rich cats will be able to regulate the price of oil to China. Regulate a nation=s oil and gas price and you can dictate it=s expansion rate or economic growth.


     In a nut shell: The Anglo Saxon rich cats here and in England are not going to let China eclipse them economically. They are the biggest, greediest maggots so they always have to be at the top of the dung pile. They will not be second to Chinese global influence especially on an economic level. Chinese technologies and abilities are growing in leaps and bounds and I am sure some smart boys at TRW, Square D or one of the twenty other think tanks produced a formula that scared the begeezus out of the white house,  Parliament and the American rich cats. So that is what your young men in Iraq, Afghanistan and places you aren=t even told about are really fighting for.  


    You see the rich Anglo Saxon globalists are totally content to share the world with all mankind in a ANew World Order@ That is of course as long as they are the Kings of a new world order of serfs. The question you have to ask yourself now is, if this is so.....Who the hell dropped those buildings on 911 (911 is a propagandists term: go see propaganda 101)? I will never bring this subject up again as I have suffered enough in my life searching for the truth and the truth is so ugly I have turned away from it. Now it is your turn to either fly or die as I am an old man now.


     Don=t get me wrong I love and believe in America and the American way of life. I believe in Freedom and the concepts of the Constitution and all the creeds our fathers died for. I also believe there are still good men who have a heart of gold in our government as well as all the three letter agencies which run rampant through the world.  Yet knowing mankind and his ability to jack up a good thing for his own benefit. I believe this is what happens when rich cats get their greedy little fingers in other country=s pies. They have taken control of our nation using the promise of money to our legislators and anyone with a mind knows that the promise of riches is much more powerful than actual riches.


     For all you young guys that will take another twenty years to figure this out, Caring about as I do I will educate you now. This is how rich guys bullsBt  works:


      1. They establish standards of excellence that you should aspire to adhere to in order for you to be accepted by them. These take the form of the right schools such as Harvard, Yale, and Oxford or the right clubs or organizations such as AThe young what- evers......@..Well, you get the picture. This concept allows you to put them above you while you are looking up at them in envy. Rich guys love to be exalted. The reason they need to be exalted is because many of them are insecure about the size of their junk. That is why they want to be rich guys in the first place. With out the green they would never get chicks. They also establish protocols which keep them at a distance and insulate them from you reaching their positions. These are things like business procedures and taxation.


     CATCH 22- RICH GUYS NEVER GIVE ANY THING AWAY. THAT IS HOW THEY BECAME RICH GUYS. There are two kinds of people in this world Givers and Takers. Givers receive the pleasure of giving and never go without as The Almighty always provides for them. Takers on the other hand only get what they can get their hands on and being in a constant state of fear, They grab on to stuff and try to never let it go. Greed is a mental illness created by Satan and is rooted in fear.


     2. You get out of school and go to work for the rich guys. They dangle a carrot in front of you which could be say more money, a better position etc. The rich guy has no intention of giving you anything as this will only cut into his share. So he keeps you working for him while he dangles the carrot and gives you the absolute minimum he can to keep you working for him. All the while because you are in an ass kiss mode he gets to look down his nose at you and be little you whenever he wants. You call him Sir and he calls you by your last name he has every right to of course because you allow it. If anyone comes along who will do your job for less money he will fire you and dangle the carrot for the next fool.


     3. If you are a real wimp you may evolve into a WANNABE RICH GUY. You become a jerk who will do whatever it takes to succeed. These things are screw over your other employee friends, lie, cheat or whatever is necessary as you compromise your personal dignity. As you do this your view of yourself starts down that long staircase into the basement.


     20 years later you hate yourself and it shows. Don=t believe me? The next time you are on the freeway look over into that black Mercedes in the lane next to you. You would expect to see a happy go lucky guy dancing in the seat digging on the tunes blasting from his Blaupunkt. He should be happy as he is sitting in an $80,000.00 automobile (when a car costs over $40,000.00 the salesmen refer to them as automobiles), his wife is an ex -playboy playmate beauty 20 years his junior with a brand new set of silicone double Ds, he is wearing a suit hand made by some under paid third world sold at a premium price to him by a gay designer, his home has 10,000 square feet of floor space  He needs that to store all the antiques and art his wife buys in order to impress her girlfriends. Antique is another word for old worn out stuff that never made it to the junk yard that sells for many times it=s original cost. As a captain of industry he can go to any upscale restaurant where the Maitre d treats him like royalty...Right?


     The cold reality is that His mortgage payment has him scared sh--less. He is listening to the stock report (instead of music as he has forgotten the pleasure of music and how it made him happy decades ago) because he is worried about his investments. His wife is banging Anton the pool boy as well as the tennis and golf pros at the clubs. Hell who can resist an ex playmate! She even pays for Anton=s cloths and car with his money. His competitors (other rich guys) are trying to bankrupt him (refer to catch 22). He knows about his wife because he was shown pictures by the detective he hired to follow her but he doesn’t= dare divorce her because she will get one half of everything he has and 2 of everything he ever will have. So he finds solace in banging a little waitress he has set up in an apartment in town. His wife knows about the waitress because of the detective she hired to follow him but really does not care because she hates that SOB anyway and besides he pays all the bills. Take a good look at him and you will see a man who is bald, paunchy, has indigestion, is frowning, and looks like someone just smacked him with a shoe.


     A wannabe rich guy is the most dangerous man in the world because he is like a cornered animal. He is lost because the things he thought he would own now own him and he has wasted his life. He is a slave of Satan and will lash out at you or anyone around him to drag them into his world of pain and suffering.


       4. Suppose you don=t ever reach that wanna be rich guy stage and just work for the rich guys your entire life. 30 years go by and now you are an older man or woman. One day they give you a not so precious gold plated watch, hand you your retirement check which is always less than you can actually live on and kick you out the door to collect social security. Most people can=t live the rest of their lives on this as is attested by the fact that in the United States more old people eat cat food than cats do. On the average you will die within 15 years of a cancer induced by fast food additives or cigarettes. Your wife will try to collect on your life insurance policy but the company will only pay a percentage of it because of some clause in the policy the salesman forgot to tell you about 40 years ago. A vast amount of life insurance policies are never paid by the companies because the deceased usually gets sick before he dies and doesn’t make the last couple of premium payments.(refer to catch 22). Hence his widow gets nothing. How do I know this? I used to sell life insurance when I was young and dumb and before I learned all this.


     Conclusion; Life is shorter than you can imagine and the barometer of a successful man is not the number written at the bottom of his bank book but the smile on his face.


      Banks want you to save all your money and their reward is the concept of compounded interest they pay you. Reality check: Banks pay up to 5% interest where the rate of inflation is 10% or more. Throughout history Interest has always been less than inflation. So your money has it=s most ability to purchase things now not twenty years from now. The banker knows this and just bought a new house with your and many other peoples savings. You on the other hand have your amount written at the bottom of your bankbook, in pen no less.  The banker says he has your money in safe keeping but if more than half of you went into the bank to claim your money the bank would throw you out and close it=s doors. Don=t believe me? Remember 1929? How about the savings and loan scam of the early 1990s where many of our leaders including famous astronaut/Senator John Glenn were involved up to their necks.. Millions of old people lost everything they had. Many committed suicide and in the end Charles Keeting a single scapegoat spent a few years at a luxury prison for the theft crimes.


     So find a creative outlet or art you love and give it all you have. Teach yourself to be a giver and never live in fear. Find someone who loves you more than they love themselves and that will charge your spirit. Have yourself some little ones and teach them what I just told you. You just might make a difference in this world. But even if you don=t the smile on your face will show that you are a success and a winner.


     Talking about art and on a lighter side I was commissioned to do a large sculpture this month. As a carpenter I build a lot of patio covers and room additions and such. Jan Schwarzkopf of Placentia California commissioned me to build a large interpretation of the paintings done by Piet Mondrian a French painter who lived between 1872 and 1944. He began his career as a landscape painter but later during the turn of the century his work seemed to lean into impressionism and cubism. If you have ever seen the late 1960s Television show The Partridge family and noticed the bus that the family drove it was painted like a Piet Mondrian painting. Piet Mondrian was later classified as Plasticyst painter. Here is a photo my interpretation of Mondrian=s paintings.

 The sculpture is 18 feet tall by 18 feet wide and is built of wood, steel and oil paints. The beautiful woman giving it scale is my wife Denise.

Anyway it was great to do some sculpting again because I turned away from art and sculpture about a decade ago. As I look back I enjoyed the pieces I built but I have always had a hard time accepting praise. My work was usually liked and for a time I was becoming known but I didn’t like the praise and attention as it always made me feel uncomfortable. Art also cut into my land speed studies and work and in the end I felt I only had enough time in my life for the study and construction of land speed designs. The cars and bikes I build or design work I do for others are my art.  Sculpture which was viewed by me as creating things for people to idolize lost out to my love of land speed machines.


     I always loved sculpting in metals, wood and plastics and besides doing shows that made some good money, I also was commissioned to do large metal works. If you look at the Sonic Wind history photographs, one of the photographs is of a twelve foot tall steel abstract sculpture of a pregnant woman which was titled AMother Desert@  I built it as a commission for the Mojave Institute of the arts. It was the centerpiece of the institute=s courtyard for many years before the Franciscan Monks that ran the art institute was called into other directions of life. The Mother Desert piece was given back to me after the center shut down and I gave it to the Bureau of land management for the El Mirage dry lake center which was under construction at the time. To this day it has never finished do to lack of money. I ran at El Mirage dry lake for many years and wanted to give something back.


     I have never stopped building or creating something as if I am not creating I feel I am wasting my time here on Earth. I still listen to music and my favorite type is still rock and roll although I listen to every type of music and own over 1,200 albums, * tracks , tapes and CDS. I always wondered what happens to people when they turn 40 years old and the women forget what falling in love is like and the men forget how to stay fluid. I can=t tell you how many people I grew up with who don=t listen to music anymore.


     On the creative side of things I have just finished the model of Freedom LSRV with the tandem tank set up and will post it and a synopsis of it=s design soon. It is the best design I have ever conceived and I feel that I am at the top of my abilities at this time in my life. I will post the new design in the near future and have begun to build the real vehicle.


     Barbara Drumheller who is a member of the North American Eagle jet car team and I were talking about any ideas I had that would make the NAE faster. I have been thinking about this for a few months and came up with some great stuff. I came up with a retrofit design for the North American Eagle team for a vehicle I call NAE-2. It is a bunch of modifications that if completed to the North American Eagle would add nearly 200 m.p.h. to it=s top speed. There is also an innovative new idea to load the vehicle aerodynamically that actually reduces drag rather than increases it. You can see the NAE-2 design and a model I built on our new concepts page. Ed Torsello my webmaster just added a concepts index page with photographs. It is neat so check it out.


     I have also been doing a design study for a 500 m.p.h. J-85 powered jet boat for someone going after the WSR The design is fantastic and would be very safe for the pilot as it can not develop enough force even in a crash at full speed to destroy the driver=s cockpit area. I have drawings but will submit a model in the near future. All the WSR designs I have seen are extremely dangerous and we need to take a new tack.


     Lastly if you remember last month I told you about The K129 Russian sub and the mysterious sinking of the USS Scorpion. Well we don=t have to wait 50 years after all for the explanation to what happened to the Scorpion and her compliment of 91 US Sailors. A new book is out written by Ed Offley called AScorpion Down@ it tells the true story about how the Soviets sunk the Scorpion on Memorial day May 27, 1968 and how the Pentagon covered it up in order to keep from starting WW3. So the Soviets sunk one of our subs killed our sailors and we let them ride. The new book was at a major bookstore chain for 30% off. Is this an illustration of how much Americans care about this or what?


     Speaking of Memorial Day I want to thank all of you who served this country in combat and are still here to reap the benefits. My father served in WW2 and was a veteran of Iwo Jima. My friend Jerry Hunt was one of the guys who stormed the beaches of Normandy and fought his way across Europe. He was 19 years old then and more of a man then most people will meet in their life. I sent Jerry a copy of the DVD ABand of Brothers@as my thank you. 


     My brother served in the Air Force during the Vietnam war. Big John Petri is also a veteran of Viet Nam and spent time Ain Country@ as they used to say. My good friend Paul Derminer was an enlisted Navy man during the fall of Saigon. My ex wife=s fiancé John Brandis also served in Viet Nam, he is a hell of a guy who my kids adore. Believe it or not, not all the Nam vets came back addicted to drugs and suffering from psychotic problems. That is simply Hollywood bullsBt. It always seems that when there is an unpopular war the people turn on the warriors rather than the politicos who started the war in the first place. Guys came back from Viet Nam and were spit upon and called baby killers when in actuality most were just scared kids just trying to stay alive.


     In the end I want to say THANK YOU all Freedom is not free it is the most expensive of all commodities on Earth as the price of freedom is blood, pain and young men and women=s lives. Throughout history it has always been and always will be the hardest thing to have and keep. That is why I named my vehicle Freedom LSRV. I realize what is costs, what you all paid and I Thank you all for GIVING it to me.........Waldo