Sonic Wind & Constitution LSRV

Waldo Says: March 2008 Update


     I have been working more on the room addition and the new swimming pool I just had installed. It is of the salt water type and doesn’t need any chlorine to keep it clear. RJ pools of Victorville California put it up in record time and it is beautiful. I am sure you guys are wondering why I focus on these house modifications instead of building my record car and I will share that reason with you now.

     Two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with a very dangerous Cancer, the same type that took the life of my dear friend Ed Drumheller II last year. I underwent surgery and it was removed but because I had waited so long to look into it the Oncologist gave me only a 60% chance of living another five years. So if you are reading this web site in another two and a half years, I beat it. If not... I hope I made a difference in your life.

      Denise has been perfect wife to me and so I wanted to reward her in case I didn’t make it with a bit of wealth. Being a contractor the only way I could think of leaving her anything of any real financial value would be to build up our property value. I refinanced the house and bought her a new 2008 W3 Volkswagen beetle and went to work on the house. Now is the best time to refinance because it is an election year. During an election year the prime rate and interest rates will go down as well as the price of gasoline. 

     This is done by the rich Republicans who run the banking industry and own the Federal Reserve Bank. Believe it or not there is nothing “Federal” about the Federal Reserve Bank. It is not owned by the United States government aka the American people, the “Fed” is actually a private company owned by old money rich Americans. Don’t believe me? Call them, they are not ashamed of the fact that you are working for them. So why should it bother you?

      Anyway, their sons and nephews who saturate the Congress and the Senate want to keep their jobs so things will run pretty sweet on an election year that is at least until November 8th. The day after Election Day. After which the prime rate will climb quickly and the price of gas will skyrocket.

     I don’t have a problem with this system as it works well and has worked well since the turn of the century when it was all set up. I consider the United States of America a well lubricated machine. And the grease which keeps all these gears turning is bulls–-t. I may not wear a Rolex but I always know what time it is. When a politician, lobbyist, attorney, corporate PR rep or anyone working in any form for any type of insurance company opens his mouth.....I know it is Bulls–t O’ Clock.

      So taking advantage of this wonderful time I added 250 square feet to the house and created a work out room for Denise and I. Denise does Yoga now but likes a heavy workout also. I have been getting fat and really have to man up again. Denise was active in gymnastics most of her life and can still do many floor tricks even though she will turn 40 years old on March first. She is one smokin 40 year old as anyone who knows her will tell you. I have had guys ask me how in the hell did I land a girl like Denise and my answer is always the same. Charm baby, pure charm....

     Anyway, the work out room is now done and so is the pool so I can now focus on the new design for the new LSR car. I know I showed you the chassis components of Freedom LSRV last month and I was planning to get right to it and start construction but there has been bit of a snag.

     Ken Mason my partner has been feeling better and wants to abandon the large LOX tank on the Freedom LSR design and use the smaller fuel tank for the LOX tank. The fuel now will be stored in a NEW chassis fabricated from 110 linear feet of 6" diameter 1/8" wall stainless steel tubing.

     I have roughed out the chassis and John Youngberg says he can build it to my specs. These changes will make the car 8 feet shorter and 600 lbs. lighter but with the exact same performance as far as engine duration and thrust are concerned. Frontal area will be the same but drag will be reduced because of the lessened body length reducing frictional drag.

     I made a drawing of what the vehicle will look like and it is the slickest design I have ever come up with. Now we are searching for the tube. We want to buy it surplus because at the present costs of stainless tube it would be a bargain at $6,000.00. I am going to build a model of the new design and it is so different I can’t even call it Freedom LSRV anymore. The new design will be called “Imagine LSRV.” Ken likes the new name which is good because he was the guy who came up with the Freedom LSRV name to begin with. Maybe we both have been growing lately, who knows.

     As you all know I have been trying to be a better man in the last decade and have turned away from all my bad habits and killed my ego. A lot of people mistake my nice guy demeanor as stupidity and sometimes try to take advantage of me. Don’t kid yourself, as part of my new” low stress” lifestyle, I have a sh-t list a mile long. So if you ever call me and I don’t return your call, you can be pretty sure you are on it. Save your dime as we are done and I won’t be making your life any better in the near future. Nowadays I don’t have any time for people I don’t like or people who want to use me. Life is too short to waste on people like that.

      I am very generous and help all the other LSR teams all I can. You can ask any of the other LSR teams and they will tell you that I have helped them to some extent. This is because I know how hard it is to build and campaign an unlimited LSR car. I don’t do press because I don’t want to undermine any of the other Jet car projects. I want them all to have their time in the Sun. When Imagine LSRV is debut it will be unbeatable. But if there is someone who thinks they can beat it. I will want to see that vehicle succeed and will probably help all I can.

     I have had conversations with people running various LSR teams through the years and remember them telling me how easy it was going to be to knock off the LSR. Ten years after Thrust SSC set the LSR most don’t dare talk like that anymore. The unlimited LSR is a bitch and one of the most difficult goals a man can attempt. These teams have suffered physically, emotionally and financially, they have been used and abused by greedy corporations and the opportunistic press. So here it is March 1, 2008 and there still have been no serious attempts on the LSR. Even my attempts with Sonic Wind were fiascos. There is a lesson here I just know it.

     Lately another thing I have been doing is working with an engineer who is associated with the Space Ship two projects. I am offering components they will need if they decide to switch to H2O2 as a replacement propellant for the Space Ship two. I read a newspaper article which stated that Scaled Composites was cited by OSHA for the deaths and injuries resulting from the engine test explosion last summer. This is the one in which my good friend Charles “Glen” May was killed in. OSHA’s findings are being contested by Scaled Composites but if you have ever tried to fight the government you know how that will turn out. Only billionaires beat Uncle Sam in court as it takes a lot of bribery and skullduggery to pull that off. That simply translated means cold, hard cash.

     After reading an article like that which said the fuel (Nitrous Oxide) they were currently using was considered hazardous and explosive and that the technicians should have been trained better by Scaled Composites. Only a moron would pilot that vehicle and hit the hot button and only a fool would become a passenger. Even so, I want this project to continue as I think that if Scaled Composites fails to deliver Space Ship two to Virgin Galactic. The Investors in the other space tourist programs will take off running and pull their funding and space travel for the common man will be delayed at least another decade. Ad Astra I say and will put my efforts where my mouth is.

     Another thing I did was have a long conversation with Stanton Friedman the famous physicist and UFOlogist. I had been doing research into flying saucers for 35 years now and want to figure out what makes them fly in order to use that propulsion system in a LSR vehicle. I’ll have to keep dreaming on that one.

     My conclusions are that flying saucers are military “aircraft” and the whole Zeti Reticuli grey alien story is a lot of lubrication (see earlier part of this update to clarify this statement). I believe that ALL UFOlogists are agency employees spreading the alien BS every chance they get. Stanton swore he did not work for any three letter agencies but what did I expect him to say?...”OK, You got me?” I also believe that anyone claiming to be abducted and or probed ( It always seems to go there doesn’t it?) has been duped or is a duper (is that a word?)  People who claim to have worked on alien saucers or side by side with aliens and do TV shows or make videos stating such are therefore super dupers. Boy, I crack myself up sometimes.

     Anyway my conclusion is that I probably won’t find any  saucer components in a salvage yard any time soon and I probably wouldn’t recognize any of the parts even if I did.

     I just finished reading a couple of books written by William R. Lyne the best one of the two is called “Pentagon Aliens”. I got it on  William believes about UFOs as I do and in this book even he gives you plans to build your own flying saucer. I’m no Nicola Tesla but his ship descriptions and “blueprints” don’t look like they could even make toast let alone move you at nine thousand miles per hour.

     In his writings there is also a lot of “The secret new world order government did this to me and then they did that to me.” When I read stuff like that the word CRAZY comes into my head. I know this government and if you are involved in something you shouldn’t be. They don’t do anything to you... but when your body is found, it always looks like you did it to yourself. As far as the new world order is concerned. If the United States government and her allies are running it, sign me up. That said... I will never talk about UFOs to anyone ever again as I know my conclusions are valid and that is good enough for me. The general public and all those new age saucer chasers don’t need to know everything. Just take my word for it. It is a bad world out there and in order to keep this nation safe there needs to be secrets.

      If Uncle Sam is spending this kind of effort to keep saucers secret. So be it. I believe in this government and what it stands for. If things ever get really ugly, I expect to see squadrons of saucers flying in echelon heading out to where ever and taking care of business. I guess, Ken and I will just have to be content with rocket power for our LSR cars. America first and always....that’s my motto.

      Sadly, I recently read an article which shattered my opinion about one of my childhood heroes, Charles Lindbergh. Lindbergh was the fourteenth or sixteenth man to fly the Atlantic Ocean in back in 1927. He became  famous because he was the first man to fly the Atlantic Ocean ALONE. He flew the Spirit of St. Louis built by the Ryan aircraft company that was powered by a Pratt and Whitney radial engine which ran for nearly 40 straight hours on that flight. After his famous flight he was nicknamed “Lucky Lindy” here in this country and abroad. I read numerous books about his life and have a copy of the movie where Jimmy Stewart plays him. Afterward Lindbergh helped early aviation setting trans Atlantic commercial routes and he was the guy who got the Guggenheim foundation to fund Robert Goddard’s experiments in liquid rocketry.

     I read a 600 page autobiography about Lindbergh’s life and in it he claimed he was an honest and standup guy. I was really bummed when Charles Lindbergh died in 1973. The same year I graduated High school.

     There is an article in the March issue of More magazine promoting a book written by one of Lindbergh’s daughters. The article tells her story of how she found out her father Charles Lindbergh had three other secret families in three other countries. That’s right, I said three families. Wives, kids,  homes, the whole shooting match. No one knew about it all until just recently and just recently all of Lindy’s children traveled around the world to meet each other. It seems Lucky Lindy was even luckier than anyone could imagine, especially with the babes. I have got to toss out that autobiography as BS gives me hives.

     Remember the stories I told you about” Wild Bob Metzler” the owner of the Great lakes Dragaway in Union Grove Wisconsin. good old guys I wondered if he was still alive and Ky Michaelson sent me a photograph of Ky, Bob Metzler and Jim Deist. Look at the picture and see if you can figure out which guy is Bob....


     Lastly, I just received a package from my old buddy John Courts aka “Johnny Baja”. Johnny Baja is a nickname he was given because he has entered so many Baja 1000 races people probably think the Baja is named after him. He is one of those dirt eating, rattlesnake splattering maniacs who race a motorcycle in the Baja 1000. The Baja 1000 is the world’s toughest off road race bar none. It is a grueling race across scorching desert for you guessed it 1000 miles. From the top of Mexico all the way down to Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip of the Baja peninsula. The toughest trucks in the world race this race and the biker guys. Well, lets just say guys like Johnny Baja are spunkier than most.

     I met Johnny Baja at Edwards Air Force base when the North American Eagle LSR car was running there a couple of years ago. Johnny is a land speed buff who had bought all the LSR files from Bob Kachler a famous LSR agent. I had hired Kachler myself one time in order to find money for the Sonic Wind program. Kachler was a useless as a mini skirt on a nun and in my mind still owes me $700.00. He was one of those church going guys that would screw you so fast that you wouldn’t be sure if you had even been screwed. Enough about him, thinking about him makes me just want to go have a “talk” with him.

     Anyway, Johnny Baja sent me a box with some neat stuff about LSR projects you may have never heard about. Projects such as the Khadi 9 a LSR jet car using the engine out of a Mig 21 which ran in the Soviet Union back in the mid 1970s. A lot of things like that but the most interesting thing Johnny sent me was a photograph and a line drawing of the mysterious Australian “Mach 1" which was to be built by Johnny Conway in the early 1970s.  Johnny Conway was a stunt man and the Evel Knievel of Australia at that time. Johnny also had a project which was to use a rocket powered bike to jump over Ayers rock in central Australia. Hmmm, I wonder where he got that idea.

     The “Mach 1" LSR car design was debuted in Hot Rod magazine’s “Rodding at Random” column sometime back then. It told of a car which looked like a long skinny shoe box, 19 inches tall by 3 feet wide and 34 feet long. It had a 7 foot tall tail fin at the rear of it for stability. It was powered by 32 Sanron twin rotor rotary “Wankel” engines running on nitro methane turning 16 -10 inch in diameter drive wheels. The engines each displaced 152 cu. in. And developed 410 h.p. apiece. That’s , uh, lets see.....32 X 410 carry the 1.... That makes it a 13,120 horse power, 16 wheeled, 4,200 lb. wheel driven LSR car with a claimed top speed of 780 miles per hour! 780 miles per hour is well above the speed of sound.  To help with traction the Mach 1 was to run on an 18 mile long rubberized track built specifically for the car. The car used parachutes and a rocket engine in the nose to slow it down as well as  H2O2 rocket  jets in the nose to help steer it and generate down force. Conway was to lay down in the car steering it while watching a TV screen as cameras were to be used to see the course.  Instead of a racing fire suit, Conway was to wear a “ metal alloy suit of armor” 1/8 inch thick .Now, I ask you... Is that a project or what? And some of you guys think my ideas are out there.............Waldo