Sonic Wind Models Built by Enthusiasts Enthusiats.html

A team trying to break all motorcycle streamliner records:

A supersonic propplane of Dave Rose:

The Aussie Invader:

Ken Warby water speed record:

A 1,200 mile per hour hydrofoil:

A Russian Girl with guts rides her Ninja through the "Dead Zone" read about her here:

A great industrial designer and creator of the American Way LSR rocket car for Gary Gabelich: Tom Daniel see what he is up to here

Sam Wheeler's worlds fastest (334 m.p.h.) motorcycle streamliner See his exploits at

Watch expert restorer Keith Martin save old priceless streamliners at

Daniel Kampo has built a high speed wind racer see it at.""

The first rocket man John Stapp rode the Sonic Wind rocket sled up to 632 miles per hour and back to 0 in under 6 seconds. in 1954. During his run he pulled 45 negative G's. I was so taken by his work that I named my first rocket sled after his. Read about his exploits at

The real rocket man Glen May rides a hybrid powered rocket bike with the rocket firing two feet from his vitals! And he thinks my projects are wild! See him at

Englishman Andrew Urwin Builds turbine powered craft and experiments with lots of power! visit him at

One of my heroes Ky Michealson will put a rocket on just about anything even a toilet. He also builds and sells rocketry components, reach him at

Sonic Wind History

Future Automobiles and Power Plants

Incredible Inventor Jocko Johnson's Designs

A rockethead's heaven

The future of private space flight

Tim Pickens has a company that builds rocket systems for every need, contact him at http://www//

The North American Eagle a Mach 1.2 hot rod built from an F104 Starfighter! see them at